Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Beads!

Hi! I've been making some new beads! Really pleased with how they have turned out, and just need to work out how to use them now...

I'm really pleased with how this yellow bead turned out. It's made using a glass called Mystic Yellow, and it looks transparent until it's heated, when it turns all cloudy. I can't wait to make some more of these, and play with this glass again!

This bead is made with transparent blue in the centre, encased with purple glass, so it shines with both colours. This is my new favourite technique!

This bead uses the same technique, with a deep indigo purple centre, encased with pale blue.

This bead uses silvered ivory and green frit to create the landscape. Looking forward to trying a few more landscape beads!

I love the colour of this bead - it uses a glass called rubino ora. The swirls were created using some purple and white frit.

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