Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Turquoise Birds & Silver Cork Koda Bag

Hi! I've just finished another Koda. I fell in love with the turquoise fabric - Flock, by Dashwood Studio, and I spent ages trying to decide whether to use black fabric to set off the pattern or use natural cork. I went with the cork because it looks so summery, and I love this cork with the silver in it!

This is the Koda Cross Body Bag, a free pattern by Huff 'n Cuffs.

Silvered cork
Bird in blue, Flock - Dashwood Studio

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

First Faux Leather Koda

Hi! Here's yet another Koda, but this is my first using faux leather. It was actually fairly easy to use, and I love it with the bird fabric :)

This is the Koda Cross Body Bag, a free pattern by Huff 'n Cuffs.

Fabric: 'Hedgerow' by Lewis & Irene


Hi! I made my first Morsbag! I heard about Morsbags a while ago, and had been meaning to have a go. I love the idea - the bags must be made from recycled / re-purposed washable fabric, and replace the need for plastic bags. The Morsbags are given away, to friends and family, complete strangers - every Morsbag is potentially reducing the amount of plastic filling the seas and harming the sea creatures. The bag has a Morsbag label, to spread the word, and hopefully encourage more people to get involved, and to make and distribute Morsbags.

There's more about it, here:

For my bag, I used an old scarf. I hope it will be strong enough! But I can use it for lighter shopping :)

Spirit Koda

Hi! Some friends of ours have a little daughter who is obsessed with the TV series 'Spirit'. I wanted to make her a bag, but couldn't find any Spirit-themed fabric, so I bought some printable A4 cotton sheets and printed out an image from Spirit. It printed well, but the fabric is a bit odd - it's very thin. I used interfacing and fleece to give it more substance, and used some Scotchgard to prevent the ink from running. I hope it works!

This is the Koda Cross Body Bag, a free pattern by Huff 'n Cuffs.

More Bereavement Bags

Hi! A few weeks ago, my lovely friends Hazel and Sanj came over to make some Bereavement bags. Hazel doesn't sew, so she entertained us by playing the piano and guitar, and making us laugh!

Sanj and I made a bag each:

My lovely cousin Helen came over last weekend, and we made some more bereavement bags, which also involved a fair bit of unpicking seams when we were gossiping too much and not concentrating! We made two each. We now have 7 altogether. I'm not sure how many we should make before sending them off. Anyway, here's the collection so far. The four on the right are the new ones:

There's some info about the Bereavement bags here:

Another Hippo Hobo Bag

Hi! I made this one for my mum - she loves dogs, and chose this fabric from my stash. She also chose the cork fabric - we're both fascinated by it! It's lovely to use, and feels very soft, and it's great to pretty much have a wooden bag!

I used Scotchgard on the dog fabric, so it would be easier to wipe clean - it's the first time I've used it, but I think I'll use it on everything now :)

As this was for my mum, I really wanted it to turn out well, and I'm a bit gutted about the wonky top stitching around the top, but my mum says she doesn't care, and that I'm the only one who will notice it. I hope she's right!

This is the Hippo Hobo pattern, by Emkie Designs.

Brown cork
Linen dogs fabric