Sunday, 9 May 2010

The need for beads

Not been up to much lately, except trying not to obsess about beads. It's like a curse. M U S T   G E T   M O R E   B E A D S ...

I've managed to limit myself to just the 3 bracelets, and they're not full (looks defensive) so they really only count as 2 and a bit bracelets.

I really can't wait til I can go back for another bead-making lesson. Melting glass is fascinating, and beads are so purty  :)

Other than obsessing about beads, I've made a couple of handbag cards, like this one:

I've also been having a go at making craft robo templates. I made a template for a weird wiggly card, in the Craftavan, and a few weeks ago I made a template for little triangle boxes, to put beads in (yeah, I'm obsessed) for a friend's birthday presents:

Other than that, not a great deal, but I have finally cleared the shelves above my desk, so I can put some of my craft stash there. Most of my card stuff is on and around the kitchen table at the moment, which isn't ideal...