Monday, 14 December 2009

Some more 'Not Sure About' cards

Another two attempts at Late Birthday cards, which are better than the elephant effort, but the snail one looks a bit lost, as it's just a small stamp and I don't know what to add - ribbon? I quite like the cats, although again it's a bit plain.

Tried a few quick and simple christmas cards with a new stamp, too - an excuse to do some colouring in with the promarkers, and then smother it all in stickles, really.

Accidentally bought the heart stamps like the butterfly stamps I bought a while back and definitely do not regret :)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Half Finished Things

I Still need tape. I've got bits of stamped and coloured in things everywhere, but I can't finish anything!

I made a couple of cards on Saturday, a new home card just because I like colouring in the image, and a late birthday card, which turned out all wrong and looks rubbish, so it probably won't get sent. At this rate I'll be sending Han a Christmas card before a late birthday card  :(

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I need 3D tape!

I can't believe I am so addicted to this tape. I have even used up the horrible cheap stuff I got from the Range, that sticks to your fingers and disintegrates, and covers the scissors in foamy gunk. I nearly went into town to get some, but I'm not sure where would sell it in town, and if they'd be open on a Sunday, so I decided to stay at home and moan about it instead. Trip to the Range and/or Hobbycraft tomorrow, I think!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

More bugs

I love this image of bugs!

I have a baby card to make, and 2 VERY late birthday cards, but instead I watched Spooks, and made these 2 quick Get Well cards.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Finished Handbag, and Caught a Bug

HURRAH! Finished the handbag card - decided to put a little Thank You inside, too. Quite pleased with it, and might have a go at making another at some point. I love the paper, which certainly helps! I used a bangle for the handle, which seems to work ok. :)

Also had fun colouring in a few 'Caught a bug?'s from DigiStamp Boutique - very cute design, which they are giving away at the moment! Made a quick card with one of them. Coloured it in with the ProMarkers I bought from the Hobbycrafts fair at the NEC - it's about time I started using the damn things, after buying so many... Then I added some blobs of stickles. I love stickles!