Saturday, 14 April 2018

Koda Bag

Hi! I made this Koda bag a few days ago. I got my measurements wrong - the side panels don't line up - but I love it anyway. Hopefully the next one will work out better!

This is the Koda Cross Body Bag, a free pattern by Huff 'n Cuffs

Lori Pouch

Hi, I made this pouch a few weeks ago, to match the Two Zip Hipster bag I made. It went a bit wrong when I was turning it - I was stuck in the lining somehow! I think I'd accidentally sewn through both lining pieces when top stitching by the zip - what an eeejit! So I had to undo the stitching from inside the lining, and then I was able to turn the pouch. So one side of the zip hasn't got top stitching now, but hopefully it's not too noticeable! I'm really pleased with it, anyway :D

The pattern is the Lori Pouch, by Lorelei Jayne

Fabric: Perfectly Seasoned range by designer Sandy Gervais, for Moda

Phoebe Bag

Hiya. I made a couple more bags in the last couple of weeks. I don't really like this one, it's not really my style, and I'm not sure about the fabric either..but I learned a lot making it! I also made a mistake when doing the magnetic snap - I accidentally drew the marker for the snap on the front of the flap instead of the back, so I had to put a button over it to hide it! I tried to make it look like a design feature by adding buttons on the base of the straps, too...

This is the Phoebe bag, a free pattern by Rebeka Lambert.

Fabric: Petite Odile, by Moda

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Bereavement Bags

Hi. I recently joined a Bag Making group on Facebook, where I heard about 'Bereavement Bags'. The bags are for children who have lost a parent or close relative, and depending on the age of the child, they contain things to comfort them, and help them cope with their grief. There's more about the initiative, here.

They are asking for people to make the bags, so I thought I'd have a go. It was refreshingly straightforward compared to the seagulls bag!

Seagulls Beach Bag

Hi! So my bag-making obsession is still going strong, although this one took me 2 days and lots of headaches and confusion!

It's got a zip pocket on the front and one inside, and elasticated pockets on each side, roomy enough for bottles of water.

It's the Debbie Shore large tote, tutorial here :)

Lots of things went a bit wrong, especially when I accidentally melted some of the fusible fleece when trying to press the inside pocket - nearly cried at that point! And there are some very wonky seams in places, and the front zip pocket isn't quite straight... but I'm choosing to believe that these things gives it a rustic charm! It's also only my second attempt at a 'proper' bag, so I'm really pleased with it!

I had a little helper while making this one, too!

Fabric: Laridae Seagulls by Clarke & Clarke