Monday, 14 December 2009

Some more 'Not Sure About' cards

Another two attempts at Late Birthday cards, which are better than the elephant effort, but the snail one looks a bit lost, as it's just a small stamp and I don't know what to add - ribbon? I quite like the cats, although again it's a bit plain.

Tried a few quick and simple christmas cards with a new stamp, too - an excuse to do some colouring in with the promarkers, and then smother it all in stickles, really.

Accidentally bought the heart stamps like the butterfly stamps I bought a while back and definitely do not regret :)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Half Finished Things

I Still need tape. I've got bits of stamped and coloured in things everywhere, but I can't finish anything!

I made a couple of cards on Saturday, a new home card just because I like colouring in the image, and a late birthday card, which turned out all wrong and looks rubbish, so it probably won't get sent. At this rate I'll be sending Han a Christmas card before a late birthday card  :(

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I need 3D tape!

I can't believe I am so addicted to this tape. I have even used up the horrible cheap stuff I got from the Range, that sticks to your fingers and disintegrates, and covers the scissors in foamy gunk. I nearly went into town to get some, but I'm not sure where would sell it in town, and if they'd be open on a Sunday, so I decided to stay at home and moan about it instead. Trip to the Range and/or Hobbycraft tomorrow, I think!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

More bugs

I love this image of bugs!

I have a baby card to make, and 2 VERY late birthday cards, but instead I watched Spooks, and made these 2 quick Get Well cards.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Finished Handbag, and Caught a Bug

HURRAH! Finished the handbag card - decided to put a little Thank You inside, too. Quite pleased with it, and might have a go at making another at some point. I love the paper, which certainly helps! I used a bangle for the handle, which seems to work ok. :)

Also had fun colouring in a few 'Caught a bug?'s from DigiStamp Boutique - very cute design, which they are giving away at the moment! Made a quick card with one of them. Coloured it in with the ProMarkers I bought from the Hobbycrafts fair at the NEC - it's about time I started using the damn things, after buying so many... Then I added some blobs of stickles. I love stickles!

Monday, 30 November 2009


Hmmph, so I spent hours yesterday faffing about with bits of paper and card, and managed to make 2 1/2 cards, none of which I am overly happy with. Oh, well. I think I have Post Crap Craft Fair Depression. All my enthusiasm has gone.

I have at least made the Christening card, and the person who asked for it seemed to really like it. I hope he wasn't just being polite. So here's the card. It's very simple, and not exactly how I intended, but I like the backing papers and the teddy charm :)

I also made the 'Happy New Home & Cats' card, which was a bit of a cheat - just a photo from the internet and a cat font. Made sure I finished it last night, to hand over today. Forgot he had the day off today... to spend in his new house with his new cats! It's very sweet - he's much more excited about being able to get his new cats than the fact he now owns his house :)

I made a start on the Thank You card for Sanj's mum. All I know is she likes handbags, so here it is! I need to finish it, though. It needs a little Thank You on the front, and I'm not sure whether to put some nice paper inside or leave it as cream card.

I wasn't sure about the handbag card idea, but I quite like this. I used Bling Blang Glitter Paper from We R Memory Keepers (got it for 25p, reduced from £1.75), and used this template from Mirkwood Designs, although I didn't bother with the gussets.

I really have to get to grips with the craft robo, now! I hate cutting out, and the craft robo could do it all for me! I'd just need to tweak the template, and it would cut away like magic!

But anyway, tonight I'm going to add some sort of thank you to the front, and work out whether the inside needs lining or not. I'll probably leave it as it is, so it isn't too bulky and hard to fold...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Where to start?

Just about got rid of the lurgy that's kept me down for a week, and wondering where to start. I've got a list of cards to make, and it all seems much more daunting than fun right now.

The List
* 2 very late birthday cards (Hmmm, I've got an apologetic snail stamp somewhere)
* A christening card - got a photo to use, so shouldn't be too bad, but can't remember when they need it for. Had better do it tomorrow.
* A New Baby card - would like to wait for a photo to use, though. Something like these:

* A 'Happy New Home & Cats' card - need to do this one for monday
* A Thank You card for someone who I have never met, and have no idea what she likes, other than handbags...

Hmmm, writing a list hasn't helped. Now I have a list, and still have the same amount of cards to make. Lists are definitely over-rated.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Card Limbo

I've not made any cards since before the craft fair over a week ago, and it feels strange. The weeks leading up to the fair was a frenzy of card obsession, and it has suddenly stopped.

I've got 2 (late) birthday cards to make, a christening card, and a couple of gift voucher cards to do, but I'm fighting off a cold, and feeling uninspired. Hope to try and get something done tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blog Templates

I'm absolutely fascinated with blog templates, and have spent far too long trying on different ones. I can't decide which one to stick with, now...

This is a great site - some very pretty layouts! :

I think I might have a go at designing a layout! I feel inspired. I think blog templates might be my latest obsession.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

First post

Last Friday was the first craft fair Linda & I have done together. It was disappointing that no members of the public seemed to know that the fair was happening, but at least it was a good practise run, and it was free to do! We sold a few things, too.

Here are a few stall pics:

There's a blog for The Fickle Pixie here, and here is our official website. There's also a Wedding section, here