Thursday, 20 September 2018

Snappy Pouches

Hi! Here are a couple of pouches I made, with a snap opening made from a metal tape measure. I'm not sure how useful they are, but they are quite cute, and fun to make :)

I found a video on how to make these, here:

Anteater Bag

Hi! Here's a bag I made with the Hippo Hobo pattern, for my friend Chrissie. Her daughter has an anteater obsession, so we searched all over for some anteater fabric! I think this design is really cute - I hope she will too!

Faux leather
Anteater 100% cotton fabric from Zazzle

This is the Hippo Hobo pattern, by Emkie Designs.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Fox Koda Bag

Hi! Here's a bag I made for my friend Chris, who loves foxes. She chose the fabrics - different fox fabrics for the outside and lining. It's longer than my usual Kodas, to fit more foxes in on the panels!

Faux leather
'Fox and The Houndstooth' Grey Foxes 100% cotton fabric, by Robert Kaufman
Lining: 'Happy Foxes In The Garden' Fox polycotton

Incredibly Red Koda Bag

Hi! I was offered a free stall at a craft fair last weekend, so I have spent the last two weeks in a panicked frenzy of bag-making! Here's one of the Kodas I made for the fair:

Faux leather
Dream Grey by Kaffe Fassett

Poppies Koda Bag

Hi! Here's a bag I made for my lovely friend Debbie, because she loves poppies (if her enormous collection of poppy stamps is anything to go by...).

I used faux leather with the linen-look poppies fabric panel, and some bright red poppies fabric for the lining. I love the little flower zip pulls :D

Faux Leather
100% Linen-look cotton poppies (from Etsy)
Lining: Tuscan Packed Poppies by Timeless Treasures