Sunday, 17 February 2013

Goodbye, beautiful Bob xxx

Our beautiful cat Bob passed away a few days ago, and we miss him so much. He was such a gentle little chap, with so much personality. He was part of our family for over 12 years, and very loved.

He was very fluffy, and loved cuddles. He was happiest when he was curled up on Mark's knee. He really adored Mark.

When Mark wasn't around, he made do with me, but he'd drop me as soon as Mark turned up :)

We often heard him making chirpy sounds as he came through the cat flap, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. Then there'd be a little face at the side of the bed before he jumped up for a cuddle.

When it was cold, he loved to be covered by a dressing gown or the duvet while he was curled up on one of us.

He also loved sleeping in boxes, even when they were too small to fit all of him inside.

Cupboards would do, too

Or a curtain to cuddle up in.

He loved playing in the garden, and sitting by the spider tree (a horrible old tree covered in spider webs) or under the pussy willow tree, watching the birds.

Bob was a very vocal cat, and was very good at making himself understood, at least by Mark. He had a different shout for when he wanted cat milk or ham, and he had a particular expression when he wanted cheese, which Mark called his Cheese Face. When we're in the kitchen now, we really miss the little shouty cat who would be tripping us up in the hope of some food. 

Here is a photo of Frank, happily snuggled on my dressing gown, and Bob, happily snuggled on Mark. I love this photo of my three boys.

Our house is too quiet now. We lost Frank, Bob's brother, just before Christmas. To lose them both in such a short time has been a real blow to us. We were so lucky to have had them as part of our family, though, and they will always be in our hearts and memories. Love you so much, beautiful boys xxx