Friday, 21 April 2017

Tiny Lounge Panther

Hi! Please meet our new family member, our tiny panther Lily! She came home with us almost two weeks ago, and is still quite shy, but is settling in well. She loves to play, and loves watching birds and squirrels on YouTube. She also enjoys chirping at the birds in the garden. She shakes herself like a wet dog after she's eaten - I have never seen a cat do that! She is still nervous of us, and doesn't like to be stroked, but she sniffs your hand when you hold it out to her, and she's been giving out some lovely slow blinks.

Lily and Emily are still checking each other out, but they seem mostly friendly, and have been chirping at each other. I think they're still working out the pecking order, but Emily doesn't seem to mind Lily's arrival.

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