Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Hi! I made my first Morsbag! I heard about Morsbags a while ago, and had been meaning to have a go. I love the idea - the bags must be made from recycled / re-purposed washable fabric, and replace the need for plastic bags. The Morsbags are given away, to friends and family, complete strangers - every Morsbag is potentially reducing the amount of plastic filling the seas and harming the sea creatures. The bag has a Morsbag label, to spread the word, and hopefully encourage more people to get involved, and to make and distribute Morsbags.

There's more about it, here: www.morsbags.com

For my bag, I used an old scarf. I hope it will be strong enough! But I can use it for lighter shopping :)

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crafty-stamper said...

Beautiful bag and a great idea
Carol x