Tuesday, 12 June 2018

More Bereavement Bags

Hi! A few weeks ago, my lovely friends Hazel and Sanj came over to make some Bereavement bags. Hazel doesn't sew, so she entertained us by playing the piano and guitar, and making us laugh!

Sanj and I made a bag each:

My lovely cousin Helen came over last weekend, and we made some more bereavement bags, which also involved a fair bit of unpicking seams when we were gossiping too much and not concentrating! We made two each. We now have 7 altogether. I'm not sure how many we should make before sending them off. Anyway, here's the collection so far. The four on the right are the new ones:

There's some info about the Bereavement bags here: https://www.ulh.nhs.uk/news/bags-for-bereaved-children/


crafty-stamper said...

Love all the beautiful bags and what a brilliant and thoughtful idea
Carol x

Debbie L said...

industrious or what ! fab