Monday, 28 March 2016

Made a Huge Cushion!

Hi! I've really got the bug now with sewing. Still struggling with sewing straight lines, and I'm not great at measuring - I've found it's much easier to make a template with card, and draw around that.

I've spent all day making a big cushion for the cats! They like to sleep on top of some boxes on top of a chest of drawers, so I've always put a blanket up there for them, but now they have a cushion! I measured the top of the boxes, added 3" each side (bit of a guess, just thought I needed to make it bigger, because it'll be smaller when stuffed), and made the pillow. I stuffed it and took it upstairs to see if it fitted, before making the cover, but I put it down on the bed for a moment and Darwin immediately curled up on it!

Well, at least she likes it :)

I spent the afternoon making the cover. I made it with a flap inside, like a huge pillow case, so I didn't have to worry about zips or anything fancy! Here it is:

Wondering what to make next...

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Debbie L said...

hahaha loving it and the cats ( I have 3 ! )