Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Koda Bags, and Matching Things

Hiya! I made four Koda bags for friends - I love this pattern! I chose the fabric specifically for each person - Chickens for hazel, who has two chickens (Henrietta and Talula), Unicorns for Sanj, who currently has a unicorn obsession, Tigers for Rashmi, it's her favourite animal, and Penguins for Linda, partly because she likes them, but mainly because she pronounces them 'pengwings', which I will never get bored of!

I used Chicago screws to fix the straps, as the denim was too thick to sew - first time I have used them, but now I am hooked!

I got carried away, and made matching makeup bags:

And then I got carried away a bit more, and made matching keyrings and mirrors:

Cluck, Cluck…’ Hens & Chicks fabric by Textiles Français
Penguins by Elizabeth's Studio
Tigers canvas fabric by BST Fabrics
Enchanted Forest by Lewis & Irene


Dawn Phillips said...

You do manage to do such lovely things with such beautiful fabric. I love the rather startled looking badger on the key chain. Love Dawn x

Magic Flying Boots said...

Thanks, Dawn! Hahaha, I didn't notice he looked startled until you pointed it out! :D

Debbie L said...

wow are you selling these ? amazing SO impressed

Debbie L said...

jenny do you have any chickens left so to speak ?