Sunday, 1 April 2018

Seagulls Beach Bag

Hi! So my bag-making obsession is still going strong, although this one took me 2 days and lots of headaches and confusion!

It's got a zip pocket on the front and one inside, and elasticated pockets on each side, roomy enough for bottles of water.

It's the Debbie Shore large tote, tutorial here :)

Lots of things went a bit wrong, especially when I accidentally melted some of the fusible fleece when trying to press the inside pocket - nearly cried at that point! And there are some very wonky seams in places, and the front zip pocket isn't quite straight... but I'm choosing to believe that these things gives it a rustic charm! It's also only my second attempt at a 'proper' bag, so I'm really pleased with it!

I had a little helper while making this one, too!

Fabric: Laridae Seagulls by Clarke & Clarke

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