Monday, 6 February 2017


Last Tuesday we lost our beautiful girl, Darwin. It was very sudden, and we are still waiting for test results to find out why she died. We are completely devastated, and miss her so much. We have buried her in the garden with one of her favourite toys, and wrapped in Mark’s fluffy dressing gown, which she loved.

Emily, her sister, has had a check up and blood tests, and she is completely fine, but I can’t help worrying about her. She is getting lots of fuss, but she’s also a little bit annoyed by me checking on her every half an hour.

Darwin & Emily on the cat stairs

Darwin & Emily

Darwin was a beautiful cat, very shy with strangers, but incredibly affectionate and playful with us. She slept between us with Mark’s arm around her, and her face pressed into his hand. She shouted at us when she wanted a cuddle, or wanted to play. Her tail would tremble with happiness when we walked up to her, or when we picked up a toy or the cat treats jar, and she’d roll upside down when she wanted some fuss, often holding her face with her paws and kicking her chin, as if her face was a kick toy. She loved to play, chasing around the house with Emily, and dragging her toys around. She loved the cat tunnels, exploding through them as fast and as violently as she could. She loved being cuddled. She was such a playful, affectionate, gentle thing. I can’t put it into words how much this little cat meant to us. I miss her so much. My little bear.

 Hobbes, Darwin & Emily

Darwin, 9 weeks old
Darwin playing

 Snuggled on Mark's fluffy dressing gown

 Watching YouTube videos


Ros Crawford said...

I'm dreadfully sorry to hear about your lovely cat ... We lost one last year and many other over the years ... each one leaves a scar on your heart. Thinking of you ...

Debbie L said...

beautiful post for a beautiful girl - she etched on your heart forever