Saturday, 28 November 2009

Where to start?

Just about got rid of the lurgy that's kept me down for a week, and wondering where to start. I've got a list of cards to make, and it all seems much more daunting than fun right now.

The List
* 2 very late birthday cards (Hmmm, I've got an apologetic snail stamp somewhere)
* A christening card - got a photo to use, so shouldn't be too bad, but can't remember when they need it for. Had better do it tomorrow.
* A New Baby card - would like to wait for a photo to use, though. Something like these:

* A 'Happy New Home & Cats' card - need to do this one for monday
* A Thank You card for someone who I have never met, and have no idea what she likes, other than handbags...

Hmmm, writing a list hasn't helped. Now I have a list, and still have the same amount of cards to make. Lists are definitely over-rated.

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