My Handmade Glass Beads

As well as making cards, I love making jewellery, and I make my own lampwork glass beads.

The beads are created by melting rods of glass over a hot flame. When they are finished, then are placed in the kiln to cool over a few hours. The slow cooling process allows the glass to stabilise, or anneal, so that they are stronger. Otherwise the beads will be brittle and could break if dropped.

There is something very hypnotic about melting glass, and watching the colours change as the glass gets cooler or hotter!

I share a glass studio with my Dad, who isn't interested in beads but makes fantastic marbles! I need to get some decent photos of some of his work, so I can include them here.

Here are some of the glass rods in the studio, waiting to be melted:

I sell some of my beads and other jewellery on Etsy

I also have a Facebook page, here: Magic Flying Boots Jewellery

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